Trade and economic missions

Trade missions and B2B events

Trade missions are a cost-effective tool for obtaining intelligence on the economic opportunities that the targeted region has to offer. The participants of the trade mission form a delegation to visit briefings and take part in B2B meetings with potential business partners among the local companies to initiate mutually beneficial cooperation and get personally acquainted with the production cycle in the sectors of interest.

Organization of trade missions

"WTC-Krasnodar" organizes business missions to and from Russia, and can provide the following services:

-Escort of delegations;

-Organization of B2B meetings;

-Development of business travel and excursion programs;

-Comprehensive support with visas, tickets, transfers, accommodation in hotels etc.

Individual B2B meetings

A session of individual B2B meetings is a powerful tool to promote your company on the foreign market. With it’s careful pre-selection of companies and thorough preparation for business meetings WTC-Krasnodar is able to match your party with the ones really worthwhile, which makes it possible to completely avoid wasting valuable time on formal and ineffective negotiations. Such an approach significantly increases the efficiency of participation in events, boosting the loyalty of current partners and making new ones.

Individual B2B meetings organization services

Working with the participants:

  • Development of a base of potential participants in accordance to the criteria set.
  • Attracting participants to a business meeting, including distribution of information materials, targeted telephone calls, and personal meetings.
  • Providing the customer with the necessary information materials on potential participants


Overall development and maintenance of the meetings schedule
Development of personal schedules for meetings with the desired companies

Organization of matchmaking sessions and areas within certain business events(expos, fairs etc.):

Pre- and in-process administration of appointments;
Designing, zoning, and technical equipment of the meetings zones.